Six Copies Sold, How to become fluid, and Starving Artist

Just an update for those who have “Liked” my new publication.  I have sold six copies in two days… Jump on board, before they are all gone!  😉

Alright.  So I’m writing a bit more, at the beginning of my blog, than I will down the line.  Time will tell…  To stay flexible with my projects, will maintain overall efficiency.  I want to be able to easily transition from process to process.  So, as I am working, I stay on task until I reach a decent breaking point, then on to the next thing.

I would like to define my search for business opportunities as “Hunting and Gathering.”  I’m guessing “Cultivation” occurs when one has a defined market or client(s).  I’ll get there.  In the mean time, I’ll don my face paint and sniff the ground for clues to success.

So on the front end, I’m sending out promotions and general information.  This is kind of passive, but necessary to narrow down the territories being pursued.  I have developed databases, showing detailed company and contact information for potential venues to sell my map posters.  I don’t have samples, mainly because I can’t afford them.  I tried to fund poster sample runs on Kickstarter, but got only a quarter of the way to funding my goal.  So I’ll have to shoot from the hip, if a vendor wants to see a hard copy of my products.  I have production and logistics set and ready for action.  The biggest and most important part of the process is sales.  That’s where I am, now.  I’ve never thought myself a salesman, but have heard that I’m not too bad… Really, it’s the missing piece to my puzzle.  I need to wipe out the stereotypes from my mind and just become genuine.  I’ve known salespeople who are like this.  I know it’s possible.  “Fake it ’till you make it!”

I think it’s the best thing to visualize your success.  The key to making your goals is efficient activity.  Those goals don’t magically happen.  Efficiency is a necessary partner with activity.  How many times have I been too busy to address an important issue, while tied up in busy work?  Efficiency helps to maintain healthy life.

While I progress through my daily and monthly projects, I depend on some of my work to pan out.  I doubt that I am a literary genius, but am not horrible, either.  I love writing, that I know!  I hope I can get some readership going for my books.  I would be content focusing more of my time on writing.  Until, I see the signs, I’ll just have to juggle projects.  It’s a tough market, especially with all of the writers out there in our well connected world.
All the best,



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