New Book, Action/Philosophy, and Low Fruit

So.  I think for now, the descriptive string of words for my titles are doing well, for me.  This time, it’s two words per set, which give it a sort of meter.  I think they’re disjointed enough to be attractive…

Just a quick rant:  As I get older, I never expected I would be getting physical issues by doing, basically, nothing at all.

“How’s it going, Doug?”

“Alright… I’ve got this neck injury, though… aakkhh!” rubbing neck.

“Really, what happened?!”

“Oh, just sitting at my computer…”

So that’s part of the reason I’m at the library, today.  It’s about a mile from home.  I get a little exercise, but also get into the public a bit.  Usually, it’s a stop for coffee at EVP, the local coffee shop on Midvale Boulevard, then the library.  I got a late start, so went straight to work.  After Thanksgiving, I’ve decided to be a bit kinder to my body, this includes moderation of coffee habits.

So, I’ve got one of my favorite spots near the window, overlooking the intersection at Tokay Boulevard, enjoying being inside and not running errands or commuting on this cold November late morning.  The room is well shared by four other people.  Somewhere in the building a kid is vocalizing some nondescript sounds as the circulation system churns out soft white noise…  There, now you are sitting with me!

I thought I would talk for a minute about my new book, Critical Repair: The Adventures of Tat the Bat and Nolan.  For those who would like the skinny on some of the nuances of the story, here are some brief clues!  The story is set as action/adventure and maybe science fiction/fantasy, but has some strong and deeper concepts, that I hope stand out.  The characters, especially Tat, Nolan and Abner are steeped in philosophies that rule their lives.

For those who appreciate guidelines, these guys really have it down.  Observational neutrality and seeking questions are the foundation of daily life.  There are moments when they sense alteration in their perceptions, which poke at their beliefs.  As I move into the second book of the series, you will see their stability unravel, even further.  But for this time, we can see a very viable driving philosophy, where our characters can firmly plant their security.  Oh yes, and look for Laine to play a very active role in the next novel!

And now the Fruit!  So, a lot of people look down at self promotion, when it comes to goods and services.  I’m coming to find that it is just a fact of life.  I feel bad for people if they are annoyed by my sales and advertising mode.  Gotta make a living, eh?  So I would suggest, please don’t take it personally.  I try to deal with it in a professional way, which means, “You win some, you lose some.”

I like this blog!  To me it’s part of the low fruit, and as a hunter/gatherer I will seek what I deem as ripe and delicious, slice it and share with my family and those in need.  There is plenty for everyone, I’m telling you.  But, ahh, I preach.  Again, sorry…

More fruit:  In a few minutes, I’ll be opening a sell sheet file I’ve started in Adobe Illustrator, for a map product I’ve been developing over the months.  It was today that I decided to donate 10% of profits to Global Impact’s Disaster Relief Fund.  This sounds good to me!  Ten percent won’t hurt, really, as long as I’m still able to eat, I figure.

I’ve got a database with some company details on potential distribution venues.  Problem is I can’t print samples right now.  I might start a Kickstarter campaign to try and generate some funds… maybe.  I’ve tried twice with different projects.  I just can’t seem to get the support I need…

Ah well, “You win some, you lose some.”

Thanks for reading!



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