One of my latest ventures has been to design unique and appealing wall maps.  In this way, I want to be a famous artist/cartographer — Artographer!!!

No fears, I know there is no such word.  Although, maybe there will be some day, with a bit of effort.  Wouldn’t it be nice to be on the front end of a new expression?  I say, yes…

Meanwhile, as I await the approach of my “grand reopening” giveaway, I’d like to poll folks on what themes and regions they would like to see on a map.  Doesn’t that sound like fun!  I will use the most popular suggestions to give me thoughts on my next projects.

In the mean time, feel free to browse my store.  I admit, I don’t have many thematic maps, but I’ve got a huge one in the works.  I’ve got another fun physiographic map in the works, too!  It will be the coolest map you may have ever seen!


Prepare for a Giveaway!!!

One of many art map designs at my shop.

One of many art map designs at my shop.

Among my projects I have pulled most of my recent artistic endeavors together to create a united effort to share some of my favorite designs/art.  I’ve had an Etsy store for some time, but have let it lapse, until now.  So I’ve decided to call my latest drive my “Grand Opening!”

If you get a chance, feel free to visit and “like” your favorites.  I’ll select from the two most popular designs for my grand opening giveaway!

Accurate world map combined with a cool blue stare.

Accurate world map combined with a cool blue stare.

Here’s my personal promo (I hope to see you there!):

Turning Cartography to “Artography”

Here's the full Paris layout.

Here’s the full Paris layout.

There is no such word as Artography, but the hope of Madison, Wisconsin artist/cartographer (mapper) Doug Crews-Nelson is to make an impact in the world of art with his special angle on map design.About Doug Crews-Nelson
Doug’s background begins out of college, where he created maps using pen and ink, over twenty years ago. From there, he worked for a local mapping company, scribing elements for composite to films for press plates. There he began developing his computer cartography skills. He became a business partner at Magellan Mapping Company. There his repertoire grew to include graphic design. He experimented with fine art design on his computer using top of line graphic design programs, and getting an education on print substrates.As print cartographers are being squeezed out of the market by online mapping services, Doug has been happy to turn his focus toward reacquainting people with a love of the printed map, combining accurate information, in a clean and effective way, coupled with elegant design and element. And that’s the twist, these maps can be used as a geographic resource as well as stand alone art.As a commission artist, Doug works with the media he is most familiar with; paper, adhesive fabrics, clear acrylic, bio-materials, certain woods, ceramic tiles, and so on. Projects range from household, office, and public spaces. Products are wide and creative, including; framed compositions, murals, and laser/router cut printed elements.