One of my latest ventures has been to design unique and appealing wall maps.  In this way, I want to be a famous artist/cartographer — Artographer!!!

No fears, I know there is no such word.  Although, maybe there will be some day, with a bit of effort.  Wouldn’t it be nice to be on the front end of a new expression?  I say, yes…

Meanwhile, as I await the approach of my “grand reopening” giveaway, I’d like to poll folks on what themes and regions they would like to see on a map.  Doesn’t that sound like fun!  I will use the most popular suggestions to give me thoughts on my next projects.

In the mean time, feel free to browse my store.  I admit, I don’t have many thematic maps, but I’ve got a huge one in the works.  I’ve got another fun physiographic map in the works, too!  It will be the coolest map you may have ever seen!


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