The Next Big Thing!

worldmapmagnetpins_map2It’s the World Map Version of my Magnetic Series! Why poke holes in your art!

-Large 36″x24″
– 30 strong colored magnets included.
– You can use dry erase markers on it as well (not included).


What? I Don’t Need to Poke Holes in My Travel Map?

I know, I’m not ashamed of being corny or cheesy when it comes to titles.
This is how I depend on my customers for new ideas. This is the brainstorm of a pilot who wants to show his young daughter where he travels for work! Brilliant!
So I developed a process and supply lines and here we are…
New Product Time!
Tired of putting pin holes in your Travel Map? Get one of these Magnet Receptive Travel Maps! Trace your travels while maintaining the integrity of your art. You can even used a dry erase marker on it! This is the first in a series.
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