I grew up in parts of Wisconsin, Minnesota and North Dakota, but consider Madison, Wisconsin my hometown, where I live today. I am separated for the past four and a half years. I have two daughters.

I’ve wanted to be an author since elementary school, in Hastings, Minnesota, where I crafted a small science fiction story, complete with illustrations. It took a long time to achieve my goal. Over the years, I have written reflections and essays on experiences in nature and philosophy, while backpacking or canoeing. My first book was a collaboration of ideas, developed by my long time friend, John Najem, who passed in 2011. This was the propelling force to publish on Amazon! I tell you, it’s cheesy and will be readdressed, someday.

Since my first quest for publication, I have outlined two more concepts and begun the process of story development, again! I am honored and excited by the concept of delivering more tales for you. I want to retain an original angle to my stories, mixed with a bit or satire.

I am happy to call myself an author, at last, and am enriched by the moments of “word painting” on my trusty laptop!



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