Framed BWCA Map


A local artist framed my map in barn wood! I’m pretty pleased!


Instant Gratification!

Our world is in excess with access! We can find information and products nearly anywhere. Yet Earth’s rotation hasn’t changed. The sun rises and sets, as it has in our memories. Some things change, some do not.

So is the nature of my little mapping business! 😉

I have decided to open some of my designs to imediate download, for printing or whatever resonable need. When you go to my site, look for the Category called “Instant Download.” I’ll be creating images specifically for this field!

Here’s one of my downloadable images Click!!!


This Image Shows Warm and Cold Ocean Currents, Using Warm and Cool Colors in Digital Brush Strokes!

Prices tend to be lower for these products, because I don’t have any logistical and material needs, other than the original production time.

For printing, I recommend heavy card stock or quality gloss and matte paper. Larger prints can be taken to local office supply or print shops. They can be printed smaller than the notes dimensions. Larger….? Roll of the dice!

Boundary Waters Mural?

For those who are interested in my BWCA map, may like to hear I’m considering making a mural version.

The concept is easy:

1. The print would be on adhesive fabric and be installed like large stickers. There would be some overlap, to match panels at the seams.

2. Size in inches: 140” x 80”

3. Size in feet: 11.67’ x 6.67’

4. Number of panels: Five – 28” wide panels @ 80” high

5. Price: $400

Message me if you have any thoughts!


Here’s the original listing.

I’m going up the country, babe, don’t you wanna go? I’m going up the country, babe, don’t you wanna go? I’m going to some place where I’ve never been before.

Yes! The road calls. And I am listening! Soon, my friends, soon.

In the meantime, I’m focused on some new projects.

In case you haven’t found my shop… Here you go!

Ah yes. Projects. I have so much work, it’s crazy. If all my designs sold, I’d be rich! But, I find joy in the process. There is richness.

What news? I’ve been getting contacts from Australia, lately. I’ve sold to folks Down Under, in the past. The difference is the volume of work I’m sending there this month! It gives me a chance to test out some new packaging processes, I’ve worked on. Packaging for mounted maps is always a question mark, or just a pain in the butt. This time, I may have nailed it down!


It resembles a crate!

I got a request for some custom work by a high profile client… I’ll let you know how that turns out. While you wait, Here are some samples of a very large pushpin map I’ve been putting together for them. I’m not sure about the colors, yet. It’s based on two different designs I’ve already produced.

There is a joy in developing new designs. I tell customers who have ideas they would like to purchase that I will come up with a concept and develop it to their specifics. If they decide not to go with it, it’s alright, I’ll post it anyway. Who knows, maybe someone else will buy it!? I’m rarely disappointed.

I may look at this one again, altering the color specs. Maybe it deserves to be less dark!

Be that as it may, I’m contemplating creating a listing for my ever popular BWCA map (Boundary Waters Canoe Area) as a mural! The five panels would be set up like wallpaper, with overlapping seams. The material is an adhesive fabric, which works well on many wall surfaces (not too textured). It stays as long as you want it and comes down without fight or residue. It can be reapplied, for a number of times.

My guess for the listing would be:

5 panels

If there is interest, I’ll definitely proceed!

I’ve got a backlog of concepts and listing ideas. Life is too short! Wish I didn’t need a regular job!

Of all the gin joints in all the towns in all the world, she walks into mine.

…likely to add a pin to her beautiful world travel map!

Link: Desertscape

World Travel MapSoft, warm, and mysterious, like the vanquished heat at the end of the desert day, toward dusk. I will customize the title, if you wish. It comes mounted on foam board and ready for framing. I thought a steel gray or black frame would work nicely!

World Travel Map detail

Note Casablanca is on this detail… !

Yes! In case you wondered, it is the perfect Mother’s Day gift! Mothers travel, too!

The colors are subtle and blend with many decors.

My hope is that these designs evoke memories and dreams. They certainly have for me!



Send me concept ideas! I’d love to hear what people think!

My Old Friend, this coffee shop.

Again, a familiar scene, this old coffee shop has been good to me.  Ah, there’s a seat.  I’m just in time to catch a chair, comfy.  Relax my mind, settled.  The soundtrack includes pleasant voice murmurs and chuckles, clicking plates and cups, old wooden chair groans, and the thump of doors escaping controlling hands, wanting to be shut more quickly.

It’s been awhile since I’ve visited this place.  My new work has taken a bit of time.  I’ve accepted journeyman work with a home remodeling expert, of many years.  This has, indeed, become one of my passions.  We assess the old and outdated, destroy it, fulfilling some ideal vision of living space, making dreams come true!

Now, in the midst of winter, work lightens.  I find myself here, at this familiar space, which doesn’t seem to change.  This is good!  What is different is not having written in so long.  It must be the right thing to do, in this place.

My side project has been art and map design, which I am slowly becoming known.  The challenge is not with design as it is with promotion.  I can find galleries and sites to show my work, but the world will not know me until I spend the money… But how can I without cash flow?  That’s always the puzzle.

To date, the most successful design launch has been for a world travelers’ pushpin map.  I launched the work last week and have had a huge number of clicks to the Etsy site I’ve posted it.  I’ve also had a request to customize the colors… exciting!

Etsy Page Map link

Now that work is slow, I can focus on expanding my craft and build a stable future that can blend design work and building projects.  Satisfying a breadth of interests and skills, the world is looking pretty good.  I am free to develop my mind in the company of others.  Thanks to this old coffee shop.


BoundaryWatersSm39x27I’ll not be shy!  I want folks to see my work, and would frankly like you to have some in you home!

Prizes can be seen here.

I will be hosting this event for another three days.  All the maps I produce now are made from scratch using public domain data, converted and laid out to create clean and readable information in an aesthetic setting. My mission is to foster interest in printed maps for people of all ages by building beautifully designed and geographically accurate designs.  They are educational!  Frankly, I’ve got a huge backlog of map ideas.  I wish there was more time in the week!

Free Map Posters!

Accurate world map combined with a cool blue stare.

Accurate world map combined with a cool blue stare.

As promised, I will be holding my map giveaway, this week!

I’ve decided to kick off the event at the publishing of an interview by a widely read blogger, Thirdeyemom!

Thirdeyemom? This is the blogger name for Nicole Melancon, traveller, writer, parent and humanitarian. She has agreed to interview me for her new blog series. Please, feel free to check it out, as well as her other work, as she studies the world as an explorer, and assists with projects and concepts to improve our planet.

Here is the contest link:


One of my latest ventures has been to design unique and appealing wall maps.  In this way, I want to be a famous artist/cartographer — Artographer!!!

No fears, I know there is no such word.  Although, maybe there will be some day, with a bit of effort.  Wouldn’t it be nice to be on the front end of a new expression?  I say, yes…

Meanwhile, as I await the approach of my “grand reopening” giveaway, I’d like to poll folks on what themes and regions they would like to see on a map.  Doesn’t that sound like fun!  I will use the most popular suggestions to give me thoughts on my next projects.

In the mean time, feel free to browse my store.  I admit, I don’t have many thematic maps, but I’ve got a huge one in the works.  I’ve got another fun physiographic map in the works, too!  It will be the coolest map you may have ever seen!

New Book, Action/Philosophy, and Low Fruit

So.  I think for now, the descriptive string of words for my titles are doing well, for me.  This time, it’s two words per set, which give it a sort of meter.  I think they’re disjointed enough to be attractive…

Just a quick rant:  As I get older, I never expected I would be getting physical issues by doing, basically, nothing at all.

“How’s it going, Doug?”

“Alright… I’ve got this neck injury, though… aakkhh!” rubbing neck.

“Really, what happened?!”

“Oh, just sitting at my computer…”

So that’s part of the reason I’m at the library, today.  It’s about a mile from home.  I get a little exercise, but also get into the public a bit.  Usually, it’s a stop for coffee at EVP, the local coffee shop on Midvale Boulevard, then the library.  I got a late start, so went straight to work.  After Thanksgiving, I’ve decided to be a bit kinder to my body, this includes moderation of coffee habits.

So, I’ve got one of my favorite spots near the window, overlooking the intersection at Tokay Boulevard, enjoying being inside and not running errands or commuting on this cold November late morning.  The room is well shared by four other people.  Somewhere in the building a kid is vocalizing some nondescript sounds as the circulation system churns out soft white noise…  There, now you are sitting with me!

I thought I would talk for a minute about my new book, Critical Repair: The Adventures of Tat the Bat and Nolan.  For those who would like the skinny on some of the nuances of the story, here are some brief clues!  The story is set as action/adventure and maybe science fiction/fantasy, but has some strong and deeper concepts, that I hope stand out.  The characters, especially Tat, Nolan and Abner are steeped in philosophies that rule their lives.

For those who appreciate guidelines, these guys really have it down.  Observational neutrality and seeking questions are the foundation of daily life.  There are moments when they sense alteration in their perceptions, which poke at their beliefs.  As I move into the second book of the series, you will see their stability unravel, even further.  But for this time, we can see a very viable driving philosophy, where our characters can firmly plant their security.  Oh yes, and look for Laine to play a very active role in the next novel!

And now the Fruit!  So, a lot of people look down at self promotion, when it comes to goods and services.  I’m coming to find that it is just a fact of life.  I feel bad for people if they are annoyed by my sales and advertising mode.  Gotta make a living, eh?  So I would suggest, please don’t take it personally.  I try to deal with it in a professional way, which means, “You win some, you lose some.”

I like this blog!  To me it’s part of the low fruit, and as a hunter/gatherer I will seek what I deem as ripe and delicious, slice it and share with my family and those in need.  There is plenty for everyone, I’m telling you.  But, ahh, I preach.  Again, sorry…

More fruit:  In a few minutes, I’ll be opening a sell sheet file I’ve started in Adobe Illustrator, for a map product I’ve been developing over the months.  It was today that I decided to donate 10% of profits to Global Impact’s Disaster Relief Fund.  This sounds good to me!  Ten percent won’t hurt, really, as long as I’m still able to eat, I figure.

I’ve got a database with some company details on potential distribution venues.  Problem is I can’t print samples right now.  I might start a Kickstarter campaign to try and generate some funds… maybe.  I’ve tried twice with different projects.  I just can’t seem to get the support I need…

Ah well, “You win some, you lose some.”

Thanks for reading!